Who do I work with?

I work with rising leaders – mid-career professionals in the corporate and social sectors. As we progress in our careers, the demands on our time and the complexity of our work increases. To feel more empowered and in control, it helps to step back and determine a more strategic approach to your work and life.

Why work with me?

Connect who you are to what you do – We’ll pinpoint your top values, articulate your mission and vision, and align these to a career and life plan. 

Increase your self-confidence – We’ll identify your strengths and the value you bring to the workplace, build confidence in your leadership style and abilities, and/or combat imposter syndrome.

Figure out what’s next – We’ll identify pathways to move you up in your organization or find outside opportunities to pursue.

Negotiate for what you want and deserve – We’ll develop strategies for approaching the conversation in a manner that’s authentic to you and will resonate most effectively with your audience. 

Set yourself up for success – We’ll create a plan to make a strong first impression in your new role, manage expectations, and outline practices for continued success.

Improve your ability to manage up, down, and across – We’ll work on communication, delegation, and management tactics to increase your effectiveness with staff, colleagues, your boss, or your board.

Balance the competing demands on your time – We’ll evaluate your responsibilities, prioritize the urgent versus the important, and look for more effective strategies such as better time management, delegation, getting comfortable asking for help, or setting boundaries and learning to say no.

What do I do as your coach?

Create space for reflection – Our sessions are a dedicated time for you to focus on the big, important things you’re eager to tackle.

Act as a sounding board – I provide a confidential, safe environment where you can talk through current projects or challenges without judgement or fear.

Provide an outside perspective – I strive to be as objective as possible, helping you see things differently and challenging limiting beliefs.

Offer support and resources – When you’re feeling stuck, I assist in brainstorming solutions, offer tools such as assessments and reflection exercises, and provide other tailored resources or outside connections where needed.

Help hold you accountable – We’ll create action plans and check in regularly to encourage progress and minimize procrastination.   

Next Steps
If you’re looking for a coach and interested in learning more about working with me, send me a note and set up time for a phone call.